Delivery or Pickup

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Because we care about our customers:
  1. No preservatives are added to any of our dishes.
  2. We only use the best fresh vegetables.
  3. Every dish is prepared with low salt and low cholesterol.
  4. We only use light vegetable oil!

  • Please place your delivery orders as early as possible, to assist in scheduling.
  • Deliveries under 5 miles: $20 minimum order (pre-tax) plus a $2 delivery charge.
  • Deliveries between 5 and 10 miles: $35 minimum (pre-tax) plus a $3 delivery charge.
  • For deliveries of large catering orders, please call us at (407) 786-2266.
  • Dishes which include crispy noodles (for example, Bird's Nest) are not available for delivery with the noodles, as they become soggy if not eaten at the resturant.
  • Early Bird Hibachi and Sushi are not available for delivery. They are only available for dine-in on weekdays, Monday-Friday 3-5 pm.